3 Piece Roller Snaffle – Quick Bits


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3 Piece Roller Snaffle – Quick Bits

This is a fantastic bit.  It was designed by Charmayne James, 11 time World Champion Barrel racing champion.

Your horse will have a great time playing with the copper roller.  The three pieces provides a lesser amount of pressure over the normal Snaffles.  The 3 pieces allows multi-lateral control on direction.  If you are a barrel racer, this is a must bit to own.  If you aren’t, your horse will still love this bit.

A simple jointed snaffle that is broken once in the middle, when used with both reins, makes an upside down V in the horse’s mouth, putting pressure on the bars/roof of the mouth and on the top-sides of the lower jaw, also pinching the tongue on both sides. Really, it’s best used when riding with one rein putting pressure on the bit at a time or very light hands.

The oval link snaffle eliminates the severity of the nutcracker effect by having that center piece present. When both reins are used, the bit doesn’t crack upwards on the roof of the mouth, but instead spreads the pressure between the joints of the link and the link itself, as well as some pressure on the side-parts of the mouth/jaw (which you will have with all bits to some extent). It also lies more flat against the tongue.

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